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Chicago TPS and EAD Workshop Application

This form was created by The Resurrection Project (TRP), a nonprofit organization in Chicago that helps immigrants navigate the immigration system, in collaboration with other immigrant-serving nonprofits. 

This form is intended for immigrants living in Illinois who arrived in the United States and are considering applying for a work permit (EAD) based on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Parole. 

By completing this form, you may be invited to participate in a workshop to complete a legal screening, and if eligible, your TPS and/or EAD application.  

You must complete ONE form per family unit. You will be asked to include names and information for anyone else in your family who is interested in applying for an immigration benefit. 

Part 1: Individual Completing this Form

Part 2: Applicant Contact Information

Family Members
List information for every family member that is residing with you AND that will be applying for an immigration benefit with you:
Family Member 2

Family Member 3

Family Member 4

Family Member 5

Family Member 6

Family Member 7

Family Member 8

Family Member 9

Family Member 10

The following questions may help us determine if you are eligible for any other immigration benefits. If you answer yes to any of the questions, reach out to a legal service provider for a more in-depth consultation.

Part 3: Eligibility for Temporary Protected Status
TPS (Temporary Protected Status) is a temporary immigration status that provides protection from deportation and the ability to apply for a work permit.  

To be eligible for TPS, you must:

  • Be from a country on the current TPS designation list
  • Have entered the United States by a certain date
  • Pass security and background checks

Pre-Screening Questions: TPS

You appear eligible to attend an immigration application workshop to apply for TPS and/or EAD.
Unfortunately, you do not appear to be eligible for TPS at this time. Please continue with Part 5: Eligibility for Employment Authorization Document.  
Part 5: Eligibility for Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) are work permits. There are many ways to qualify for an EAD. Many southern border arrivals who are processed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are given parole and allowed to lawfully enter the United States. Depending on the type of parole, an individual may be eligible to apply for an EAD.

You appear eligible to attend an immigration application workshop to apply for EAD.
Unfortunately, you do not appear to be eligible for an immigration application workshop at this time. Consult with a legal service provider if you believe you may be eligible for another immigration benefit or if you are interested in seeking asylum.